Blower AirSweep

The AirSweep concept was originally designed to remove water and debris from the rough and irregular decks of a ship.  In order to provide more versatility and convenience, the original AirSweep was adapted for use on a leaf blower and now provides the same effective cleaning tool that can moves water and debris on any surface, anywhere.

Designed to move large quantities of water or wet debris quickly and efficiently, the AirSweep for Blowers can be used in any location that deals with large quantities of liquids that often or continually spill and cause the potential for slipping, whether it be a locker room, a food processing plant, breweries, loading docks, or helipads and tarmacs, to quickly clean up the problem.  The AirSweep is an innovative solution than reduces time and manpower requirements.

How it works:
The AirSweep attaches to the discharge of your leaf blower and harnesses the air flow output by directing air down into the arms of the “U” shaped attachment and into a series of specially designed nozzles that allow the user to effectively push water and debris in any direction on any surface just like a squeegee on a smooth surface.

Why the AirSweep?
Traditional squeegees do a great job at moving water over smooth surfaces, but can’t handle rough surfaces and struggle with dry debris.  Brooms do an adequate job with moving debris on rough surfaces, but struggle with wet areas.  A traditional leaf blower nozzle can push water and debris, but end up being push in a variety of directions by the free flowing air.

The simple, user friendly design of the AirSweep combines the best of all these tools into one simple, efficient attachment for your leaf blower.

Use it anywhere you use a leaf blower in your yard, on the sidewalk, along the driveway, on running tracks, on football and soccer fields, but with better results!

The AirSweep is Patent Pending.

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Original Pneumatic AirSweep

The AirSweep is an easy to use, non-contact pneumatic tool that effectively removes embedded water and debris from rough surfaces over large areas.

AirSweep for Blowers

Turn your leaf blower into a squeegee on any surface.