Underway Replenishment Products
Hydrasearch is the world’s leading manufacturer of underway replenishment equipment – a core product line since the early 1960s. Our comprehensive range of offerings include equipment and components for fueling, solid cargo and vertical replenishment-at-sea. Most of our products meet the requirements of U.S. Military Specifications and U.S. Navy Drawings.

Marine Hose & Fittings
In the mid-1980s, Hydrasearch developed its ER512 line of hoses and fittings. Following tests and Qualified Products Listings (QPL) approvals by the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA), the ER512 line became widely used aboard Navy ships for vibration absorption, sound deadening, and movement of connected equipment. Since then, Hydrasearch has received QPL listings for six additional product lines, plus acceptance of all related accessory equipment.

Many of the products listed in this catalog comply with U.S. Military Specifications MIL-H- 24136, and MIL-F-24787. Hydrasearch products are approved under Qualified Products Listings QPL-24135, QPL-24136 and QPL-24787.

Aerospace Hose & Fittings
Hydrasearch is a leading supplier of fluid system components to the military and commercial aerospace industry. We manufacture a complete range of fitting configurations for a wide variety of hose types, including low, medium, and high pressure rubber hose, lightweight medium pressure rubber hose, and medium and high pressure PTFE hose. Because of the superior design and manufacture of Hydrasearch hose assemblies, customers around the globe use these products to make their flexible fluid systems.

Technical Products – Valves & Fittings

Hydrasearch’s steadily expanding family of products includes:

  • Tech-O-Seal™ valves & fittings
  • Marine hose & fittings
  • Underway replenishment products
  • Aerospace hose & fittings
  • Reattachable couplings for layflat & rubber hoses

The Tech-O-Seal™ system of high-pressure valves and fittings provides the perfect marriage of leakproof integrity and 100% versatility. Tech-O-Seal valves are soft-seated, low-torque, and entirely leakproof, for use with a wide variety of fluids and gases over a broad range of temperatures and pressures.

By incorporating Tech-O-Seal fittings, users are provided with a versatile and virtually maintenance-free line. Fittings and valves combine by use of flat-faced, O-ring seals that never need retightening, and they can be taken apart and resealed with no loss in sealing capability. Tech-O-Seal fittings come in a wide variety of end connections, including butt-weld, socket-weld, threaded and brazed.