Custom Kitting


  • Always looking for mission critical gear?
  • Is your battery dead when you need it most?
  • Need better mobility for your equipment?
We can provide specially designed kitting solutions to ensure your gear is always on hand and ready to go. Check out our RFID page to see how we can integrate an RFID tracking and inventory solution to take your kit to the next level.And the great value and service comes by offering equipment from only high quality and trustworthy manufacturers And our key suppliers are industry leaders for just that reason.

Want more than just local tracking of equipment?

  • ITL Solutions can provide world-wide tracking for your equipment and kits.  Through an ITL Solutions combination satellite and GSM tracking system embedded in your kit, you can know where your kit is anywhere in the world at any time helping you to keep careful track of your expensive gear.


Emergency Service and Damage Control Equipment

At Sea: ITL can provide the latest in firefighting, flooding, and damage control technology. Our objective is to provide high quality gear and kitting solutions to ensure vital equipment is always ready when you need it.

On Shore: ITL can provide Military, Federal, State and Local Government Organizations with high quality damage control, firefighting, and emergency services equipment.

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Original Pneumatic AirSweep

The AirSweep is an easy to use, non-contact pneumatic tool that effectively removes embedded water and debris from rough surfaces over large areas.

AirSweep for Blowers

Turn your leaf blower into a squeegee on any surface.