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Defense Equipment & Chemical, Biological,
Radiological and Nuclear Decontamination

ITL Solutions provides a wide variety of defense equipment and Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Decontamination Supplies

Our premier defense equipment and CBRN suppliers include:

CRISTANINI S.p.A. is a world leader in Chemical, Biological, Radiological Decontamination and Industrial Cleaning Equipment. 

Cristanini S.p.A. was founded in 1972 and has a long worldwide experience in the field of high pressure technology – with a strong presence around the world – and offers a full range of civil protection equipment, industrial and military. Cristanini’s unmatched experience and know-how are the result of years of research, applied engineering, the production of accessories and equipment in order to offer innovative solutions in the field of CBRN decontamination.

The close relationship with the customer and the wide range of experiences of Cristanini S.p.A. have enabled the development of a broad line of products designed to meet a host of customer needs and to solve vital challenges.

The R&D program is conducted in collaboration with the most famous universities, including the Department of Chemical Engineering of the University of Padua, in Italy and in the military laboratories around the world.  Cristanini’s efforts are validated by 25 patents. This is the result of a creative work and an integrated approach, looking for new solutions to engineering problems, scientific and highly complex technology.

Slate Safety BioTrac Band V2


The BioTrac Band V2 is the most robust, rugged and easy to use connected safety wearable ever built. No additional hardware is needed to monitor the largest teams, over the biggest areas, doing the toughest jobs.

Device Specifications

LENGTH: 72mm x WIDTH: 68mm THICKNESS: 14mm

• WEIGHT: 90g (including battery)

• BATTERY: 2 days standard mode, 3 days without GPS, up to 1 week offline mode

• WATERPROOF RATED: IP68 (3m for up to 60 minutes)

• CERTIFICATIONS: FCC, CE, IS Class 1 Division 1 (Pending), ATEX & IECEx Zone 0 (Pending)


• Heart Rate
• Core Temperature
• Exertion 
• Fall Detection
• GPS Location
• Haptic or LED Feedback
• Distance Traveled
• Tap Alert

Modes of Operation

• STANDARD MODE: Utilize cellular signal if available otherwise store collected data on device
 CELL DENIED MODE: Radio network for cell denied areas connects via mobile app for offline use
• ALERT ONLY MODE: Enhanced user privacy, only alerts are sent to the cloud, not location or biometrics
• OFFLINE MODE: Data is recorded and stored in device onboard memory for later download


• Monitor your most valuable assets from any internet enabled device or perform the job and download the data later for evaluation
• Manage worker safety by enabling haptic or LED feedback alerts when a person is working outside biometric baselines
• ‘Over the air’ updates expand product lifetime value and allow for easy deployment on future feature expansion(i.e. fall detection)
• Open integration architecture for seamless data transfer to current company systems
• Compact, discreet design allows device to blend in seamlessly under PPE


Enabled Awareness

Administrators can interact with all devices from a single, centralized, cloud-based platform that provides live or historical insights of personnel:
• Live and Historical Tracking
• Detailed Analytics and Reporting
• Instant Alerts to Wearers and/or Supervisors