ITL Solutions is your source for equipment to meet today’s requirements and tomorrow’s unknowns. Offering mission specific equipment from Marine Engineering to CBR Decontamination, ITL Solutions is the SDVOSB with the right systems to meet your needs.

And the great value and service comes by offering equipment from only high quality and trustworthy manufacturers And our key suppliers are industry leaders for just that reason.

HYDRASEARCH provides industry leading underway replenishment products, aerospace hoses and fittings, marine hoses and fittings, and technical products.

APPI-Com is the most efficient autonomous hands-free communication system. It provides a wireless, full-duplex, long-range solution for all teams in hostile, noisy or confined environments.

CRISTANINI S.p.A. is a world leader in Chemical, Biological, Radiological Decontamination and Industrial Cleaning Equipment.

DIXON FIRE, a part of Dixon Valve and Coupling Company, manufactures rugged and durable fightfighting adapters, nozzles, fire hose, racks and reels, fire department connections, Storz fittings, and more.

OCEAN RODEO is a leading manufacturer of Drysuits for rescue and tactical operations.

Full Spectrum of Rubber & Plastic Solutions

CAVCOM Talk Through Your Ears Technology ensures that you can hear and be heard in any noise environment or respirator/mask using any radio.

Have a special equipment need, with our wide access to suppliers we can find the right equipment to meet your needs in:

  • Shipboard Engineering
  • Shipboard Deck
  • Damage Control
  • Firefighting
  • Emergency Services
  • Mobility
  • Industrial Equipment

Engineering and Deck Equipment

Our team has in-depth experience with nuclear and gas turbine engineering plant operation and maintenance to ensure you get the right equipment for your organization.

Emergency Service and Damage Control Equipment

At Sea: ITL can provide the latest in firefighting, flooding, and damage control technology. Our objective is to provide high quality gear and kitting solutions to ensure vital equipment is always ready when you need it.

On Shore: ITL can provide Military, Federal, State and Local Government Organizations with high quality damage control, firefighting, and emergency services equipment.

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