Modula S Super CLU: Containerization re-imagined: NetZero, renewable, independent, fast, dependable, efficient, high quality and affordable. One more thing, we don't paint our exterior facades, we print them onto rolls of vinyl, you want camouflage, a picture, any look you want we just print it, stick it on and you will blend in anywhere in the world.

Modula S is less expensive to procure and operate. Our “Ribbon Wall” technology for transportable buildings uses low strength flowable fill lightweight concrete with a form release membrane attached to the steel CLU module.  This enables the CLU to enjoy the benefits of mass construction and still remain a reusable transportable structure.  In the event that concrete is not available alternate wall fillers may be used, foam, sand, gravel, mud etc. and there is even a no fill option.  

The Modula S “Ribbon Wall” exterior shell is thermally rated at an unprecedented R-60+. 

Compared to existing CLU technology, a Modula S Super CLU is far more energy efficient, stronger and blast resistant. Modula S CLU’s are also resilient, stormproof, sustainable and are independent micro-grids. They are a realistic, feasible solution to the military’s expeditionary force needs. Without Modula S the military’s energy independence & carbon reduction goals will not be fully realized. Our early design prototypes are code compliant & our structures are ready to build tomorrow.

Through our partnership with Idaho National Lab, the Modula-S system is deployable with embedded force protection capable of withstanding repeated .50 cal armor piercing and RPG strikes.

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