Our Story

William (Bill) and Frank Guglielmo established ITL in 2012. The father-son duo has over 30 years of experience between Bill’s time in the U.S. Navy and Frank’s time in the Federal Service. A family catchphrase, ITL is an acronym for In the Loop, and in the loop is exactly where we strive to be. 

Since operations commenced in 2015, ITL maintains relationships with the folks in the trenches in the maritime, CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear), and a multitude of other industries. Those relationships allow us to find out, straight from the source, what problems need solving.

Then, our staff, with a combined 55 years of supporting the military and the government takes those issues and creates solutions using the resources and relationships with our vendors. From something as simple as rubber gloves (ITL’s first sale) to hoses and fuel caps and everything in between, ITL works to remain in the loop from a problem’s genesis all the way through until our customers have the right parts, materials, and specifications they need to solve it.